Day and Night Fix

If the type of your business requires you to consume electricity during the day and during parts of the night, or 24 hours a day, then the package for electricity supply Day and Night Fix is ideal for your business.

With this package you get:

  • a price comprised of two components, a tariff for daytime and a tariff for nighttime;
  • fixed price for the whole duration of the contract.

A fixed price with two components in the Day and Night Fix package enables for appropriate planning of electricity costs and optimization. 

By choosing this package you can achieve streamlining work processes and reinvesting savings in the sustainability and competitiveness of your business.

Our expert teams are at your disposal for additional information regarding all the related electricity supply topics and provide strong support to your business.

We are your trusted partner.

* High tarrif: Mon-Sat 07h-22h, Low tarrif: Mon-Sat 22h-07h, Sun 24h 

Choose the most suitable package for electricity supply with a fixed price for the duration of the contract, tailor-made for your business and work with a smile!

The energy you need!

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